How to remember 12 tenses in 5 minutes?

As I have been an English private teacher who also teach in an English course for 8 years, I have countered some problems that make students dizzy. One of that problem is Tenses. The main of their difficulty is remembering the 12 tenses. So, here I will give you some tips how to be smart in remembering them without remembering it at all. (Don’t confuse!)

PAST                                           PRESENT                                     FUTURE

Simple PAST                              Simple PRESENT                          Simple FUTURE

PAST Continuous                      PRESENT Continuous                  FUTURE Continuous

PAST Perfect                              PRESENT Perfect                          FUTURE Perfect

PAST Perfect Cont.                    PRESENT Perfect Cont.                FUTURE Perfect Cont.


Have you seen what I meant before?

That’s simple! First, you need to know that tenses are divided into 3 parts of the time. Present, Past, and Future. So, you need to put each of them in four forms of each time of the tense. It would make you much easier to identify and remember them. Now, you need to know that each of time arranged or said by this rule; Simple (tense name), (tense name) Continuous, (tense name) Perfect, (tense name) Perfect Continuous.

Bravo! Now you made it!

So, do not ever tell again that remembering all of these tenses are difficult. Okay?


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