Learn English with yourown style! Chapter: Game

It is always a big deal for students of Indonesia in possessing a good English. That’s why in this chance I am not going to tell you conventional way or dizzy tips in learning English. When you have decided to be fully concentrate into English. First you have to do is picking things that really interest you. As Indonesian students are many of them like playing games, so this could be one of the exciting way in learning and teaching English. Let me give you an example. Game, take a look for Resident Evil collections (Playstation 1 platform). Honestly, the chronicles of this game was really helping me out in mastery English in speaking fluently and learnt some gramatical matters.

Resident Evil, the game is fully loaded by puzzles that every single of them you should discover in order to be able continuing the plot of the game. So, you will find many reports, files or stuffs like them that contains hints or tips for you as the player. So, I was very struggling in Playstation rent with my dictionary on the hands searching for some meanings that written on the files. It was very interesting. Many scientifically vocabularies that I could get by playing it.

Let me tell you a little about playing Resident Evil 2. When one of the character got infected by the virus (Sherry Birkin), you should find the way in making a vaccine in the laboratory  based on a file of the researchers. So, as player, you need to full concentrate in translating and got right meaning in order not do the wrong steps of preparing the vaccine lost in wrong chambers of the laboratory. So, you exactly need dictionary here in helping you to translate the file. Once you have made it, I guarantee you will be very very satisfied rather than just see a walkthrough of someone playing on YouTube.

So, that’s all for my content now. See you in the next article.


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