How to turn your PC becomes like Sega or Nintendo platform

In this 2015, playing games becomes so much fun. You can play from android, tablet, laptop, playstation (from 1 to 4 edition), nintendo Wii, xbox and others. But, if you people who born in 80’s, sure you have known that there had been some platforms that had competed each other backthen. Now, the point is how to turn yourn PC becomes like Sega or Nintendo platform whether you are from 80’s era or today.

First, you have to know about Emulator. This emulator will initiate your PC into a platform or machine just like Sega or Nintendo. Even you can do that for playstation 1 or 2 edition (as my experience of course). You can find and download it in here.

Next, after you have downloaded it and follow the installation procedure. Now, it’s time for you to find the games based on what emulator you have installed before. If you installed emulator for Sega (e.g. Gens), then you can choose to download Virtua Fighter 2 or Bare Knuckle 3. For Nintendo, may be, Super Mario will be the right choice for nostalgia. For downloading games for some platforms that I have explained above, please visit here or here.

Actually, in the first link recommendation also provide downloading games but I have to give you more choices instead of single site. One thing you should know is having a joypad or joystick. Yes, you still can play by buttons of keyboard but I think playing games would be much better with stick.

Have fun with your PC, guys!


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