How to manage your 24/7 translation service

As a freelance translator, providing 24/7 service is very important. Why? Yes, because by this professional time availability you can keep in touch from all your clients worldwide whether the communications via email or Skype and also avoiding the project goes to other translator. But, there is always a question comes to surface. Will you sleep? When will you take a rest? The questions like those should be kept in mind to new freelance translators except the agency who makes shift in controlling their emails and service.

First thing you need to do is always activate your mobile phone (smartphone), I mean the internet connection. Because I think you will not turn on your computer 24/7 non stop. The next question on the line. Even like that strategy, Will you hear your email or Skype notification from your clients? Using the metal song for email alert? No, you do not need to disturb your resting or sleeping time. If you have decided to take some rest. You can turn off your Skype and may be give signing to your email that you are unavailable.

Now, the last question is, when will you get real sleeping? If you have worldwide clients from almost all parts of continents. Tips you can do is to remember the time of your clients usually assign you new project. Next, learn what time they usually off air then you will not need to stay on the internet or keep facing your smartphone. As the time is different in each country of your clients, now it is time for you to choose the right time for you to sleep or to take some rest or even to have a vacation.

Happy translating!


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